As a work visa holder, what is required when I submit my resignation from employment?

As a Work Visa holder (Work Permit, S-Pass, Employment Pass, EntrePass, Personalised Employment Pass), you are required to cancel your Work Visa along with related passes with the Ministry of Manpower before your last date of employment.

The Work Visa is deemed cancelled on the last date of employment. If the termination of employment is sudden or you do not have sufficient time to cancel your Work Visa, you may be issued a 30 day Short Term Visit Pass. This provides you with sufficient time to settle anything that may be outstanding and prepare to leave Singapore. At the point of departure, you will be requested to return the Short Term Visit Pass to the Immigration (ICA) Officer before leaving Singapore.

Cancellation of Work Visa
There are 2 avenues to cancel your Work Visa. You have the option to cancel your Work Visa in person or via a representative at the Ministry of Manpower. The other alternative is an online submission. The documents required for cancellation are the following:

  • a cancellation request from the employer which also states the last day of service;
  • completed Immigration (ICA) White Card; and
  • the relevant Work Visa and other supplementary pass holders’ Passport, travel Documentation and Disembarkation/Embarkation Card (Green Card).

Apart from cancellation of Work Visa, there will be other obligations that the Work Visa holder is required fulfill.

Tax Matters
You are required to ensure that your tax liabilities are dealt with. This is normally done by the employer who will begin by withholding your salary for the purpose of tax clearance with IRAS. Your salary will only be released once IRAS issues a Tax Clearance Certificate after assessment, confirming that your tax liabilities have been accounted for. Processing period is within 21 days and if there are outstanding tax liabilities against you, a stop order certificate may be issued by IRAS.

Other Matters
You may want to prepare a checklist with all the companies or individuals that you were in contact with to ensure that all liabilities are settled.

  • Accomodation: Contact your landlord and inform him and also inform your maid agency in advance prior to your departure.
  • Banking Matters: Contact your bank to enquire on closure of personal bank account or cancellation of credit card, if any.
  • Telco Subscription: Terminate the services with relevant telco parties if you have acquired a subcription plan with them.
  • Children’s Education: Contact the relevant school and collect all applicable documents from your children’s school.