Is it necessary to appoint a Company Secretary?

Under Section 171 of the Singapore Company’s Act (Cap. 50), every Singapore incorporated company shall have one or more secretaries each of whom shall be a natural person who has his principal or only place of residence in Singapore.

Does a Singapore company require a local resident director?

Section 145 (1) of the Singapore Company’s Act (Cap. 50) requires that all Singapore incorporated companies must have at least one director who is “ordinarily resident in Singapore” i.e. Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident, or a person who has been issued with a work pass such as EntrePass, Employment Pass, or Dependent Pass.

What are the minimum requirements to be a director in Singapore?

Section 145 (2) of the Singapore Company’s Act (Cap. 50) states that any person above the age of 18 years may be appointed as a director. However, certain individuals (e.g. those who are bankrupt, etc.), are disqualified from holding director positions.

How many paid annual leave days are employees entitled to?

If your employee earns less than $4,500 a month, your employee is entitled to 7 days of paid annual leave if he has served a period of not less than 3 months. However, any employee that fails to take that leave no later than 12 months after the end of every 12 months of continuous service will have the annual leave forfeited.