What are other reasons for disqualification?

A director who is subject to an automatic disqualification or a disqualification order under sections 34, 35, or 36 of the Limited Liability Partnerships Act (Chapter 163A) will also be disqualified under the Companies Act to act as director or be involved in its management.

A person can also be disqualified from directorships in companies in specific industries by reason of the following:
a. Sections 50, 54B, 66 or 67 of the Banking Act (Chapter 19);
b. Sections 47 and 49 of the Finance Companies Act (Chapter 108);
c. Section 57 of the Financial Advisers Act (Chapter 110);
d. Sections 31, 35ZJ or 41(1)(b) of the Insurance Act (Chapter 142);
e. Section 22 of the Payment Systems (Oversight) Act (Chapter 222A); and
f. Sections 44, 81A, 81ZJ or 97 of the Securities and Futures Act
(Chapter 289.)

You may click on the following hyperlink to view the full list of Singapore Statutes and check out the affected sections under the prevailing acts http://statutes.agc.gov.sg/aol/home.w3p.