What are the benefits of setting up a Singapore company?

The advantages of forming a Singapore company include:

Tax benefits

  • Corporate income tax rate: 0-17%
  • Personal income tax rate: 0-20%
  • Dividends are tax-free
  • No tax on capital gains
  • Tax credit pooling
  • Unilateral tax credit
  • Reduced Withholding Tax on foreign-sourced income

Connected Marketplace

  • Strong international network of Agreements
    • 74 DTAs (Double Tax Agreements)
    • 41 IGAs (Investment Guarantee Agreements)
    • 26 FTA/EPAs (Free Trade Agreement/ Economic Partnership Agreement)
  • World-class transport and logistics infrastructure

Premier Financial and IP Development Centre

  • Robust financial ecosystem
  • Access to low-cost finance
  • Various incentives to develop Singapore as an IP hub (PIC)
  • Largest corporate banking centre in Asia with over 160 banks
  • Deep and liquid capital markets

Efficient Business Environment

  • World’s easiest place to do business
  • Leading arbitration centre
  • Clear and efficient tax environment
  • Educated and proficient workforce
  • Open immigration policy