What are the businesses that need licenses?

We have provided an indicative list below. For further details, please feel free to contact us.

  • For running an establishment like a club or bar
    1. Public Entertainment (PE) Licence
    2. Copyright Licence to Play Copyrighted Music, Videos & Films.
  • For running a Food and Beverage establishment
    1. Food Shop/Food Stall License
    2. Liquor Licence (N.B. you will need this license for a club if you are serving alcohol).
  • For providing Private Education – Mandatory registration if providing education to 10 or more people.
  • For running a Child Care/Early Education Establishment – You need to register if you are planning to run a:-
    1. Kindergarten; or
    2. child care centre.
  • For Telecommunication Related Business –
    1. Services-Based Operator (Class) Licence; or
    2. Services-Based Operator (Individual) Licence.
  • For Infocomm Related Business–
    1. Telecommunications Dealers’ (Class) Licence – to sell approved equipment.
    2. Second-hand Goods Dealers Licence – to deal with second-hand phones.
  • For Manufacturing Plants–
    1. Essential Registration For All Manufacturers – factory, lifting equipment or pressure vessel; and
    2. Other Licenses That Might be Needed – You will also need other licences/permits depending on type of factory premises, products, materials/apparatus, manufacturing-related activities e.g. pollution, waste discharge etc.
  • Healthcare –
    1. Compulsory Licence For All Healthcare Institutions must be obtained before you can operate.
    2. Other Licenses That Might be Needed – Depends on whether you have operating clinics, pharmacies, importing medicines, etc.
  • Trading (including export and import of goods) –
    1. Before you start trading, you must activate your Customs Account.
    2. Other Licenses That Might be Needed – Depends on whether you intend to import goods from overseas, export goods from Singapore, tranship goods through Singapore, trade controlled goods, e.g. animals, food products, trade strategic goods e.g. chemical and biological weapons.