What is the resolution to open a bank account?

The following documents will be provided to the client for the opening of a corporate bank account in Singapore:

  • director’s resolution to open a bank account
  • memorandum & articles
  • e-notification of the incorporation
  • company profile
  • bank application forms

Can I open a corporate bank account for my Branch Office in Singapore?

Yes, you may open a corporate bank account with any of the local or international banks based in Singapore, and in some cases, overseas.

If you are unable to come to Singapore, choose a bank that does not require your presence. Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC are two international banks that allow you to open a bank account without you having to be in Singapore.

Which bank in Singapore can I open a corporate account with?

Singapore has an excellent and varied choices of well-reputed local and international banks for opening corporate accounts.

Standard Chartered – www.standardchartered.com.sg
HSBC – www.hsbc.com.sg
Citibank – www.citibank.com.sg
DBS – www.dbs.com.sg
UOB – www.uob.com.sg
Maybank – maybank2u.com.sg

What are the requirements for opening a Singapore bank account?

The specific requirements for opening a bank account vary from bank to bank. Most of the banks require the bank signatories to be personally present for the opening of the bank account. Due to our close working relationship with some banks, it enables us to handle the account opening paperwork without the presence of the client coming to in Singapore.