Can you provide me with a Registered Office address?

Yes, we are able to provide you with a registered office address for a small fee. This will be a prestigious location in the central business district and complies with the Companies Act requirements. As part of our services, we will also intimate you as soon as we receive any mail for the company.

My friend stays in Singapore. Can I use his address as a Registered Address?

Under the Home Office Scheme, home owners, tenants or occupiers of HDBs and/or private residential properties can conduct small–scale businesses in their homes, as long as they satisfy the prevailing Home Office guidelines and performance criteria and ensure that the use does not cause amenity problems to the neighbours. Prior written approval from HDB or the Urban Development Authority must be obtained for the Home Office.

What is a registered office?

Under the Companies Act, a registered office is an address in Singapore to which all communications and notices to the company can be sent. Also, the registered office must remain open and accessible to the public for not less than 3 hours during ordinary business hours on each business day.

The registered address must be a physical address (can be either a residential or commercial address) and cannot be a P.O. Box.