Can Dependant’s Pass holders who own a company / business firms / LLPS apply for a Letter of Consent?

A Dependant’s Pass holder who holds a key appointment in any entity will not be entitled to a Letter of Consent. If they wish to draw a salary in the company, the Dependant’s Pass holder will have to appoint another individual to helm the company instead. Dependant’s Pass holder who are the director and/or shareholder in any Singapore registered company are not allowed to apply for LOC.

Why do I need a Letter of Consent as a DP holder?

Dependant’s Pass holders are not permitted to draw a salary and work in any company in Singapore. LOC holders are not permitted to be named as directors and/or shareholders in any company.

Dependant’s Pass holders who wish to draw a salary from any company in Singapore will require a Letter of Consent from MOM. However, if they wish to draw a salary from the company, they will not be able to list themselves as a director / shareholder / owner / partner due to MOM’s strict laws. In the event that the Dependant’s Holder wishes to hold an appointment in any company, no salary must be drawn and there will be no requirement for a Letter of Consent.

What is the procedure and timeline to obtain the LOC?

The Letter of Consent application can be submitted to the Authority online or via manual submission.

  • LOC applications submitted online can receive the outcome within 7 to 14 working days.
  • Manual submissions takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks to process.